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310babii, an emerging artist with a distinct sound and growing fanbase, approached our creative studio for a comprehensive roll-out strategy leading into his debut album, "Nights and Weekends." Starting with creating artwork for hit singles like "Soak City" and "Soak City Remix" already gaining traction, featuring platinum artists like Tyga, Blueface, Ohgeesy, Bluebucks Clan, and Mustard, we knew we had a solid foundation to build upon throughout the campaign.

Live Project
June 2023

Soak City Roll-Out

We created both cover arts for the hottest song of Summer 2023 and led creative direction for the marketing roll-out. Our team delved into understanding 310babii's unique style and the vibe of his music. We aimed to create visuals that resonated with his audience while standing out in the competitive music industry landscape.

For the release of "Soak City" and its remix featuring platinum artists, we crafted captivating cover arts that captured the essence of the track. The design reflected the song's energy and urban vibe, featuring bold typography and vibrant colors. We also developed exclusive merch, including apparel and accessories, to further engage fans and create a cohesive brand experience.

Additionally, we provided creative direction and assets for the animated lyric video, ensuring it complemented the music while visually engaging the audience.

Additional Cover Art

Following the success of "Soak City," we continued to support 310babii's momentum with a series of singles, including "Walk" featuring LuhTyler, "Back It Up," and "Stuck" featuring Kalan.Frfr. Each single received its own distinctive cover art, designed to grab attention on streaming platforms and social media feeds. The visuals maintained consistency with 310babii's brand showcasing our signature bobblehead style, while evolving to suit the mood of each track.

Debut Album "Nights and Weekends" Roll-Out

As the release date for "Nights and Weekends" approached, we collaborated closely with 310babii to design the album cover art and tracklist. The cover art served as the visual centerpiece of the album, capturing the essence of the project and enticing listeners to explore further. Through a combination of striking imagery, typography, and color palette, we aimed to create a memorable and impactful visual representation of the music within.


The roll-out strategy implemented by our creative studio contributed to the continued success of 310babii's music career. With over 5 million monthly listeners and over 100 million streams worldwide, the reception to his music has been overwhelmingly positive. The cohesive visual identity established across singles, merch, and the album has helped solidify 310babii's brand in the minds of fans and industry insiders alike.

As "Nights and Weekends" prepares to make its debut on February 23, 2024, we are excited to witness the next chapter of 310babii's journey and proud to have played a part in his rise to prominence in the music industry.

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