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Our creative studio had the privilege of collaborating with Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award-winning artist Cordae and his Hi Level brand to design an exclusive tour merch collection for his world tour spanning the United States, Canada, and Europe. With over 40 sold-out shows anticipated, our goal was to create merch concepts that not only resonated with Cordae's diverse fanbase but also reflected his unique style and brand identity.

Live Project
Hi Level
July 2023

Discovery and Concept Development

To kick off the project, we conducted extensive research into Cordae's music, brand aesthetic, and the overall vibe of his tour. We identified key themes and visual elements from his previous artwork and projects that would resonate with his audience while staying true to his brand ethos, the Hi Level mindset. Drawing inspiration from Cordae's music, personal style, and cultural influences, we developed a range of initial merch concepts.

Design Process

Out first task was to create the main graphic tee concept based on notes and preliminary concept sketches from the client, and developed custom artwork representing references to Cordae's discography, lyrics, and album artwork to create designs that felt authentic and compelling, presenting a distinct visual direction while maintaining cohesion across Cordae's brand.

Refinement and Selection:

Following an internal review process, we presented the 5 merch concepts to Cordae and his team for feedback. Based on their input and preferences, we refined the designs to ensure they aligned with Cordae's vision and resonated with his fanbase. These concepts explored various graphic styles, typography treatments, and color palettes to capture the essence of his philosophy Hi Level. We experimented with bold graphics, intricate illustrations, After thoughtful consideration, three final merch concepts were selected for production, each showcasing a unique aspect of Cordae's artistic expression and tour experience.

Approved Concepts
Unapproved Merch Concepts

Production and Roll-Out

With the final designs approved, we handed off final artwork to the client's in-house production team.The merch collection was strategically rolled out in conjunction with the tour dates, creating excitement among fans and providing an opportunity for them to connect with Cordae's music in a tangible way.


The tour merch collection received an overwhelmingly positive response from Cordae's fans, with merchandise selling out at each tour stop. The designs not only served as mementos of the tour experience but also strengthened the connection between Cordae and his audience. With over 40 sold-out shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe, the tour merch collection played a significant role in elevating Cordae's brand presence and expanding his fanbase worldwide.


Collaborating with Cordae and Hi Level brand to design the tour merch collection was a rewarding experience for our creative studio. By leveraging our expertise in design and branding, we were able to create merch concepts that not only reflected Cordae's artistic vision but also resonated with his fans on a meaningful level. As Cordae continues to make waves in the music industry, we are honored to have played a part in his journey and look forward to future collaborations.

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