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Our creative studio had the honor of collaborating with Bay Area icon and rapper P-Lo to create an exclusive merch collaboration in celebration of his fourth studio album, "STUNNA." With a focus on promoting the album's release and highlighting P-Lo's cultural roots, we worked closely with the artist's team to develop a collab tee and capsule collection. Additionally, we organized a pop-up event in partnership with a local Filipino-owned restaurant, White Rice, in San Diego to further amplify the album release and support a business that shares similar values as the artist.

Live Project
ABVGRND | Above Ground
November 2022

Discovery and Concept Development:

In the early stages of the project, we conducted thorough research into P-Lo's music, brand identity, and cultural background. Understanding the significance of the album release and P-Lo's commitment to his Bay Area upbringing as well as his Filipino heritage, we sought to create merch concepts that honored his roots while reflecting his unique style and persona. Drawing inspiration from P-Lo's music videos, lyrics, and personal aesthetics, we developed initial concepts for the collab tee and capsule collection.

Design Process:

We collaborated closely with P-Lo and his team to refine the initial concepts and bring the designs to life. Incorporating elements of Filipino culture, Bay Area imagery, and P-Lo's signature branding, we crafted visually striking graphics and typography treatments for the merch collection. The designs were bold, vibrant, and reflective of P-Lo's energetic persona, resonating with his dedicated fanbase while attracting new audiences.

Production and Pop-Up Event:

Once the designs were finalized, we coordinated with trusted manufacturing partners to produce the collab tee and capsule collection to the highest quality standards. Simultaneously, we worked with White Rice, a local Filipino-owned restaurant in San Diego, to organize a pop-up event coinciding with the album release. The pop-up event served as a platform to showcase the merch collection, celebrate P-Lo's music, and support a business that aligns with the artist's values and cultural heritage.


The P-Lo "STUNNA" album release merch collaboration and pop-up event were met with resounding success. Fans eagerly embraced the exclusive merch collection, with the collab tee and capsule selling out quickly both online and at the pop-up event with over 1000 RSVPs. The collaboration not only promoted P-Lo's album but also highlighted his commitment to celebrating his Filipino roots and supporting local businesses within his community. The pop-up event at White Rice garnered significant attention, further solidifying P-Lo's connection with his fanbase and amplifying his cultural impact.


Collaborating with P-Lo on the "STUNNA" album release merch collaboration was a rewarding experience for our creative studio. By blending elements of Filipino culture, Bay Area imagery, and P-Lo's unique style, we created a merch collection that resonated with fans and celebrated the artist's cultural heritage. Additionally, organizing the pop-up event with White Rice allowed us to further amplify the album release and support a local business that shares P-Lo's values. As P-Lo continues to make waves in the music industry, we are honored to have played a part in promoting his music and cultural identity through this collaboration.

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