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Crisp Customs turns their customers' dream car into a reality by providing a fun, yet safe adventure through their custom vehicles. Whether it be racing through the deserts of Baja, the sand dunes, or your local car show, let them build your ride!

Live Project
Crisp Customs
January 2019

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to create a sleek, sexy, and crisp visual identity for Crisp Customs, a car shop based out of Temecula, CA.

Brand Attributes:
  1. Sleek: visual reference to the cars built that are sleek, smooth and glossy.
  2. Sexy: Exciting, attractive, interesting to look at, simulating
  3. Crisp: Crisp customs, simple, elegant, stylish.

The Process

We explored a variety of different directions, experimenting with different ways to communicate the brand attributes (sleek, sexy, crisp) and translate it in a simple, clean, and modern monogram of "CC".

We construction a geometric monogram from a hexagon shape that uses a single line to create an abstract "CC" form and finished the logo off with an angled star. This references the stars and stripes of the American Flag, and expresses the patriotic passion that Crisp Customs embraces.

In order to create a clean-looking logo, I used grid lines to make sure everything was balanced, proportionate, and geometric. From the symbol to the custom logotype, this made sure to create a balanced and cohesive visual identity.

Geometric Gridding of Crisp Customs Symbol
Geometric Gridding of Crisp Custom Type

Beautifully Designed

Something that is attractive and interesting to look at while still simple and clean enough to be able to apply it to a wide range of different applications such as water jet cuts into metal, vinyl onto cars, and stitched onto patches. A successful logo for this project is one similar to the Nike logo, which lives on its product and visually enhances it in a stylish manner when applied.


We wanted something modern and simple, so a sans-serif font pairing was appropriate. We went with Bebas Neue because the new weights stay true to the style and grace of Bebas with the familiar clean lines, elegant shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness and simple warmth which make it uniformly proper for web, print, commerce and art.

Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family that was perfect as the body copy. Initially designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, it was expanded into a 9 weight family by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012 and iKerned by Igino Marini.

Color Palette

The client wanted his brand to incorporate the strong patriotism roots. We explored different variations of red, white, and blue color palettes. In order to create something more modern and stylish, we landed on a darker burgundy red, with cool blue accents.

Brand Pattern

After building out a strong, geometric, and clean visual identity, we wanted to strengthen the brand cohesion by creating a pattern out of the logo to be used across a variety of applications.

Website Design

After creating the brand's visual identity, we applied to to a whole revamp of Crisp Custom's website.

Please visit to view the live website

Product Mockups

In order to showcase how the visual identity we created would live in the real world, we created a series of digital mockups on a variety of products. These mockups range from shop walls, car decals, signage, hats, apparel, stickers, water jet cuts, leather engravings etc.

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