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Our creative studio had the privilege of collaborating with Grammy-nominated artist Dreezy to design the official album merch for her highly anticipated album "HITGIRL," exclusively produced by the legendary three-time Grammy-winning producer Hit Boy. Our goal was to create a merch collection that not only celebrated the release of Dreezy's album but also reflected the essence of her music and the collaborative spirit with Hit Boy.

Live Project
October 2022

Discovery and Concept Development

At the onset of the project, we immersed ourselves in Dreezy's music, exploring the themes, lyrical content, and overall vibe of her album. We also delved into Hit Boy's iconic production style and past collaborations to gain insight into the creative direction for the merch collection. Drawing inspiration from the album's title and the dynamic partnership between Dreezy and Hit Boy, we developed some preliminary concepts that aimed to capture the essence of "HITGIRL" while aligning with Dreezy's personal brand.

Design Process

Collaborating closely with Dreezy and her team, we translated the conceptual ideas into a more refined and visually striking design for the graphic tee. Incorporating elements of vintage 90s action films, and vibrant color schemes, we aimed to create a piece that resonated with Dreezy's fanbase and stood out as collectible items. The designs were inspired by the album's artwork, incorporating thematic motifs and imagery that reflected the album's female assassin theme and Kill Bill inspired energy and narrative.

Production and Roll-Out

Once the designs were finalized, we handed the artwork off to the client's in-house team of trusted manufacturing partners to produce the merch collection to the highest quality standards. From premium fabrics to meticulous printing techniques, every detail was carefully considered to ensure that the merch reflected Dreezy's commitment to excellence. The tee was strategically rolled out on social media in conjunction with the album release, creating excitement among fans and providing an opportunity for them to connect with Dreezy's music on a tangible level.


The official album graphic tee for "HITGIRL" received an overwhelmingly positive response from Dreezy's fans and the wider music community. The collection sold out quickly online, with fans eager to commemorate the release of Dreezy's highly anticipated album and show their support for the artist. The merch not only served as a promotional tool for the album but also became coveted pieces of memorabilia for fans to cherish.


Designing the official album merch for Dreezy's "HITGIRL" was a rewarding experience for our creative studio. By collaborating closely with Dreezy and her team, we were able to create a piece of merch that celebrated the album's release while reflecting Dreezy's unique style and artistic vision. As Dreezy continues to make her mark in the music industry, we are honored to have played a part in promoting her music and providing fans with a meaningful way to connect with her artistry.

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