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Justin Phu Media is your digital marketing solution for growing your brand and making a meaningful impact toward your desired audience. A team of ethical and strategic category experts who take pride in producing results through content creation, story-telling, and transparent partnerships.

Live Project
Justin Phu Media
August 2019

Project Overview

We were tasked by the JPM team to create a new modern, unique, simplistic, and memorable brand identity for the company. Their current logo was flat, and one-dimension. It looked somewhat unfinished, like a "pencil sketch mockup before the final draft".

The JPM team wanted to keep the lightbulb, which represented innovation. Breaking the lightbulb symbolized ‘breaking expectations’. A successful logo was deemed to be easily recognizable, easily placed in all types of formats, and one that is refreshing and modern. Taking this into consideration, we went to work.

Motion Design

We created a custom logo animation sequence for social media intros.

The Process

We explored a variety of different directions, experimenting with different ways to express this breaking lightbulb idea and translate it in a simple, clean, and modern direction.

Monotone Logo Symbols in Brand Colors

Logo Construction

After creating the logo, we wanted to ensure the lockups were balanced and proportional. Using the golden ratio, we were able to accomplish this challenge.


We knew right away as a digital marketing agency, they needed brand fonts that were legible, geometric, and modern.

  • DIN Font: Originally designed for industrial uses, the first DIN-type fonts were a simplified design that could be applied with limited technical difficulty. Due to the design’s legibility and uncomplicated, unadorned design, it has become popular for general purpose use in signage and display adaptations. Many adaptations and expansions of the original design have been released digitally.
  • Monsterrat: A geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Argentinian designer Julieta Ulanovsky. The design was inspired by signage from her historical Buenos Aires neighborhood of the same name. The geometric simplicity of the letters, especially the capitals, made this a perfect pairing with DIN Font.

Website Design

After creating Justin Phu Media's visual identity, we applied it to to a whole revamp of the agency's website.

Please visit https://www.justinphumedia.com/ to view the live website

Product Mockups

In order to showcase how the visual identity we created would live in the real world, we created a series of digital mockups on a variety of products. These mockups range from office walls, signage, hats, apparel, stickets etc.

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